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Mosina Municipality is one of the largest municipalities within the Poznań agglomeration. Considering  the tourist values and inhabitants, it is the most attractive offer  for all those looking for a place to invest in. The municipality has good transport connections with Poznań and an excellent technical infrastructure. The inhabitants are our main asset, these are mostly young, educated people, graduates of schools of higher education. The community is open, looks for new challenges and is not partial to risk (this is proven by the number of enterprises registered). Mosina functions as a recreational and tourist hinterland for the Poznań agglomeration. The WielkopolskaNational Park, located within the municipality, is visited every year  by over a million people; over 60, 000 people visit annually the Rogalin palace complex, and even more come to the RogalinLandscapePark, the biggest assemblage of ancient oaks in Europe. Clean natural environment (the main water intake for Poznań is in Mosina) and natural assets contribute to permanent population growth in the municipality.